Women’s Empowerment

If you know me at all it’s no surprise that I am a big supporter of women. The obstacles we deal with and combat on a daily basis are unbelievable and I’m proud to be someone that represents such a symbol of strength. However what I’m not proud of is when we begin shaming one another, and tearing each other down. We already have enough things stacked up against yet we focus our energy on all of the wrong things, and attack the very people we need to be building up and uniting with.

We need to start seeing emotional abuse within a relationship on the same level as physical. Abuse is abuse. It is much more damaging and powerful to attack a person mentally than physically, an external bruise will heal but an emotional one can leave a person torn down for an indefinite amount of time. No one needs to settle for any form of mistreatment like that. Stand up for yourself.

And with that being said, no woman has a right to put their hands on a man and expect that he won’t defend himself just because you are female. Getting your point across physically is just WRONG no matter what gender you are, and you do not get to be abusive yourself and cry victim.

Things we women have to face:

  • Wage gap – In 2015 women were still only earning about 80% of what men earn
  • Tampon tax – condoms and Viagra are not taxed because they are “necessities”…hmm….
  • Maternity AND paternity leave – besides 3 states in the country, we’re not getting paid on leave (at probably the number one time we really need extra money) and our dads are only getting 2 weeks off, again, feeding the gender role issue that women are the homemakers and it’s solely our responsibility to keep the household up and running. I’m sorry, I don’t know about you, but I’d MUCH rather be keeping busy at work then with a crying pooping infant 24/7 with no escape. Give our dads more time at home too! It’s OUR child right?!
  • Body-shaming – Our society and its unrealistic concept of what our bodies should look like based off of photo-shopped and airbrushed advertisements. These bodies are pretty much close to unattainable yet these are the standards we hold ourselves to and we shame ourselves for not being able to achieve. Just google “Women’s magazine” and click images. If you can find one cover that does not advertise body size/thinness message me and I’ll pay you a $1,000.
  • The Child Support Issue– In 2012, only 61% of fathers that were supposed to pay child support, actually did. This is confusing because we know damn well ya’ll are making more than us…
  • Women’s reproductive rights and rights to contraception– HA! We don’t even have the rights to our own uteruses.