Mixed: In a World of Black and White

And they would love and accept me all the same because I’m no longer an insecure little girl, unsure if my type of music is okay to play proudly. I am who I am, and I choose the people that I surround myself with. Do not ever choose to surround yourself with people who try to turn down your music.

The Fleet From Meat

I am a pescatarian, someone who does not eat meat other than fish. I remember a year ago when I had decided that I was going to stop eating meat, it seemed the people around me were less supportive than I had been expecting. People had said that I wouldn’t be able to supplement properly…

Hair Treatments

Hair Masks: So once a week I either do a hair mask or a hot oil treatment in my hair. I switch things up a lot but I have a few main ingredients I use in my masks and they’re all easily accessible, around the house items. I’ll list the ingredients I use and also…

Therapy: Views from a therapist to be

They say therapists have the most problems themselves, and as I get closer and closer to my degree, I’m starting to see what they’re talking about. Ironic as it is, although being a mental health therapist is my big end goal, I’m not exactly the biggest fan of sitting on the other side of the…

Yoga: Breathing Through It

I needed to start practicing more mindful yoga, and treating the time that I flowed as if I was meditating just with fluid movement. Once I started that process, everything changed.

The Female Body Issue

One major topic that I’m going to be speaking on a lot and will be a reoccurring theme is on the female body and something I will never ever ever tolerate: body shaming

Hair Routine

The reason my hair was staying so dry while using this product was because it was not water soluble so the product was actually keeping the water and moisture from entering my hair follicles.