One thing I love more than anything is getting involved in people’s lives and giving my two-cents. I figured the most socially acceptable way to do that would be to study psychology and become a mental health therapist J

    I have always been told that I have an old soul. In the fourth grade, my teacher had us make a time capsule with pictures and news articles and notes from friends and families. We were to open them when we started college to see how much we had grown and see what things have changed. In the fourth grade, I wanted to be an interior designer. In the note from my teacher she wrote, “I do hope you end up doing something a little different then being an interior designer. While it’s a lovely job and I’m sure you would do great, I feel you were meant for a little something more. You’re an old soul and I think you’re meant to help people.” Now as I’m nearing my degree, I can’t believe how well she saw who I was at only 9, while I feel like I’m still trying to figure things out now.

Here I would like to hear your problems. I want you to vent. I find great comfort in feeling like I’m helping to show a different perspective. If you need any advice on relationships, body issues or just every day life, put it here. I would love the chance to help.