My (Nearly) Natural Life

Living a natural lifestyle is composed of many moving parts. I am by no means perfect. I constantly contradict myself without any idea that I’m doing it, but hey at least I try. With that, I tend to find myself in situations where I just don’t make sense and people have to be stop me and say “hey that’s not real logic…” For example, I had started taking tons of stirrers from Wawa for my coffee because mixing it with a plastic spoon every day seemed wasteful and harmful to the environment, but then the guy I was dating made the solid point that stirrers are still plastic. Ugh.

Most of the time it seems my heart is in the right place but my head just hasn’t finished thinking everything completely through. I would carry around the idea that the efforts I was making weren’t producing a significant enough difference and that mind set spilled over into other areas of my life. I started thinking that the little adjustments I was making weren’t good enough. That I needed to be all in or it was pointless. Gees I was so wrong. Every little victory needs to be exactly that, a victory. I need to stop being so hard on myself and be proud of the fact that I’m doing my best. One big way this comes into play for me is through my eating and self-care. The old me thought, “What good is buying natural body wash when the face soap I use has been chemically altered? What good is buying organic peanut butter when I can’t afford to splurge on organic jelly too?” The good is that little by little I’m helping my body and getting healthier. It doesn’t happen overnight and I can’t keep setting myself to impossible standards. If I can change one thing a month in my life to something that’s a little more natural or a little more safe then that’s a great accomplishment. Why does everything have to be all or nothing with us?

So currently I use organic natural oils in my hair, and then I finish it off with some not too natural curl products from Ulta.

I’ll eat a box of Kraft mac&cheese with some organic milk.

I’ll wash my body with all natural soap and then put on Bath and Body Works lotion.

I do my best.

At the end of the day I make all of the effort that I do because I believe the best products are the ones with the simplest ingredients. We need to feed our bellies and treat our skin with what it actually needs. We’ve gotten so accustomed to blindly putting crazy chemicals and things we can’t pronounce into our bodies and then not expecting for there to be any consequences or negative reactions. Not to toot my own horn but I have pretty good skin, a relatively fit physique and I almost never get sick even though I work in a children’s hospital. Hmm…

Listen I love people, and I love our earth. Our environment is so powerful and so fruitful and completely ours if we choose to take care of it and respect it.  If I can heal myself and strengthen through the things this earth has provided for me why would I not?

Stop conf(ab)using your body!!!!


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  1. kims2017blog says:

    Love it…slow changes. Looking for improvement not perfection.


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