The Fleet From Meat

I am a pescatarian, someone who does not eat meat other than fish. I remember a year ago when I had decided that I was going to stop eating meat, it seemed the people around me were less supportive than I had been expecting. People had said that I wouldn’t be able to supplement properly to get all of the protein and energy benefits that I get with meat, that I was just another hippie, all sorts of things.

Now I want to be very clear about something, when I say I was a meat-eater, I was a meaaattttt eater. I’m talking meat 2-3 times a day. My top three favorite foods were pretty much all just different variations of chicken. I had always had a soft spot in my heart for animals, and after seeing quite a few videos on the process our country goes through to prepare our meat, I was pretty freaking disgusted. However with that being said, animal cruelty was not the driving force for my decision, health was. I included photos at the end of this post that show the conditions of factory processed meat but I want to warn you that they are pretty graphic so if you have a weak stomach you may want to avoid scrolling too far. I really recommend taking a look though because hey if are putting this into your body every day, you really should know where it’s coming from.

The reasons I don’t eat meat are pretty simple honestly. I just do not trust the FDA, USDA or more simply put, the U.S food industry in general. I think this country has always shown its  priority lies with where the money is at, and that isn’t any different when it comes to how they go about producing our food. They want it cheap, fast and easy. The hormones they pump into our meat to speed up the process of maturing, the chemicals they add to our food to give a longer shelf life, are all very real. Children are developing chest hair extremely young now and even our girls are starting menstruation earlier and earlier. If these hormones are making cows produce 15% more milk and making chickens and cows grow 20% faster…are we really believing it’s not having any effect on us at all? I’m sorry but personally I am NOT trying to grow 20% faster.

The number one cause of death in this country is heart disease which is a product of what we’re putting into our bodies. America is obese and while there are a million and one reasons that go into that, people being uneducated about what’s in their food is certainly a leading cause. We were told for years that diet soda was a healthier alternative to regular soda yet now we’re finding out that its actually much much worse for you. I can only imagine what more we’re going to learn in the next 10 years. With that being said, just to safe, I’m not risking my health now by knowingly pumping any extra hormones and chemicals into my body that I cannot pronounce. I try to eat as organic and natural as I can, and only eat fish that are wild. I can’t be perfect but I also can’t allow myself to consciously eat myself into my own grave.

Arguments I’ve personally heard:
1. Just me not buying their product doesn’t make a difference.

Supply and demand my friends. If Great Value makes chicken wings (which they do btw, yikes) and they put out 100 bags every week but see that only 50 are getting bought, they’re not going to keep paying for all the resources it took to make those 100 bags. If we stop buying this crap food, they’ll lose a significant amount of money for production.

  1. We are man, man is meant to eat meat!

Our bodies seem to disagree. Can our bodies digest raw meat like it can digest raw fish or vegetables? How about our teeth, with their dull structure and flat molars? Can our teeth tear meat like they can tear fish or vegetables? There’s also just taste alone… have you ever eaten meat without having to season it? Do you enjoy completely plain chicken, completely plain beef and pork? Yuck. But we’re made to eat this right? We should enjoy it in it’s natural form. Even our digestive system is different than real carnivorous animals, their stomach acid alone is about 20 times stronger than ours to help digest meats. Also their intestinal tract which helps food pass through the body is significantly shorter than ours, so they’re passing their meat much quicker than humans are able to.

  1. We are superior! We are meant to be hunters!

I would love to see you versus a bear with no man made weapons. They can naturally rip me to shreds while I would have to rely on unfair advantage of unnatural resources. If I’m in the woods alone and a tiger is hunting me I WILL LOSE.

  1. I’m not the one killing them! They’re already dead!

This one always gets me the most. Like really? Someone IS killing those animals though, and viciously. Extremely viciously. And by you, again, buying the product, you’re contributing to it and are therefore condoning it. You’re personally financially supporting it.

  1. It tastes good!
    I know ☹


I am in no way trying to tell anyone what to do, and I have never spoken down to a person that eats meat ABOUT eating meat, these are just my personal reasons and feelings on my decision to stop eating it. Even with that being said, I’m not perfect, I’m human and I get that buffalo chicken wings are just freaking tasty. I am not the person that gets nauseous at the sight of it or can’t stand smelling it, I get cravings too! Hell I’ll admit it, for my birthday this year I went a little crazy and had 3 Chic Fil A spicy sandwiches to celebrate my cheat day. At the end of the day I’m all about being happy and healthy, so if one day I feel like wings would really make me happy, I won’t deprive myself. In the past year, I’ve had a little bit of meat probably about 4 or 5 times total (twice in another country).

And that’s another thing for me, meat in other countries does not bother me NEARLY as much as meat produced in the states. Majority of less fortunate countries can’t afford to, and don’t have the resources to, chemically or hormonally alter their meat. I find myself much more comfortable eating these things when I’m in places like Jamaica or if I was in the D.R.

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  1. Derrylene says:

    Those pics are disgusting . BUT I 👏🏽love 👏🏽my 👏🏽jerk👏🏽 chicken .

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