The Female Body Issue


(This ad was put out by a Gold’s Gym franchisee and was put under much scrutiny and eventually taken down. Gold’s Gym terminated its contract with the franchisee and tweeted apologizing and saying that this ad goes against what they stand for. Regardless, this is the mindset of our culture, that women’s bodies should look a certain type of way. This is NOT acceptable.)

One major topic that I’m going to be speaking on a lot and will be a reoccurring theme is on the female body and something I will never ever ever tolerate: body shaming

As women, we need to be empowering one another. The statistics are there, everyone knows it, we ALL have insecurities related to our bodies. If you just type into Google, percentage of people with body issues, the results on every website you can click on show over 90%! So knowing that, why do we continue to shame one another for something as personal as our bodies? What our main concern should be is our health, and I specify, OUR health. Unless that person is someone you genuinely care about whose health is at risk, YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO SPEAK ABOUT ANOTHER PERSONS WEIGHT/SIZE. We all have our own love/hate relationships with our bodies and the last thing we need is another input from someone who has no idea what we have gone through on our personal journeys.

Things out of our control that may affect our bodies:

Child birth


Traumatic event

Physical disability

Thyroid disorder

Who are we, people completely ignorant to the lives of those around us, to make hurtful snap judgments of one another. Could you imagine how you would feel if you saw a person making bald jokes pointed towards a cancer patient? Can you imagine how you would feel inside? Appalled maybe? But that’s the thing, it seems because a lot of the time we can spot out someone going through treatment, we go out of our way to sympathize and defend them. Do you think that you can just look and spot out someone who just suffered the death of their spouse and so put on 50 pounds from eating away their emotional loss? Can you personally spot out an inflamed thyroid? Carry that around with you in all aspects of your life before you jump to drawing your own conclusions that may be offensive or unsympathetic.

I’m 121 pounds and with almost every other female in this country, maybe even in this world, my number one insecurity is my body. With practicing mindfulness of perception I’ve decided to start telling myself that EVERYONE COULD HAVE A DIFFERENT PERCEPTION OF MY SIZE. I CANNOT PLEASE EVERYBODY. If there is a tiny girl from a family of everyone being petite, I may be perceived as bigger to her. Just as if there’s a girl that comes from a larger family, I may be a tiny little thing in her eyes. Why worry about how I look to others when it may be different for every single person? Realistically, can I accommodate everyone? No. So why worry about, and stress myself out trying. All that matters is how I perceive MYSELF. I think I’m small and I’m small to someone that’s for sure. When I said our number one concern should be our health, I mean that in all ways other than just physical health. If you’re constantly picking at and tearing apart your body, I can say with surety you’re not focusing on one area of your health. Your mental health.


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  1. You are right dear, health should be a priority rather than body shape.


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