This world is completely as you perceive it to be. You are exactly how you perceive yourself to be.

As we go through our daily lives, we have to remember that we’re all going through with completely different views of the world. We’ve all been raised so differently that there are a million and one things that could be influencing how we process simple information. If we focus too much on how we think others are going to be perceiving us, we will never really be content and we will never really be successful trying to please everyone. Just think that with how many people there are out there, a lot of them are just like you, no matter how crazy or unique you think that you may be…

Is that depressing? Because to me it’s kind of a comforting thought.

I picked UCF because it’s the second largest university in the country. While people may like small towns, close knit relationships and family like structure, I’m the complete opposite. I’d rather be floating along in a large pool of humans observing, rather than feeling like I’m constantly being observed. At a university with 60,000 people, no one can really be alone. I find my comfort in that. I am a feeler more than anything else. If I see someone sitting alone and looking unhappy I feel it, and I feel for them. There was nothing more comforting for me then on the first day of school watching 20 kids out on UCF lawns riding around on broomsticks playing Quiddich. While at first I thought to myself that that was pretty bizarre, I then thought how nice it must be for those people to be able to find others that they can connect with on another, maybe not so common, level. UCF to me, was more a symbol than anything else, a symbol of acceptance. It represented that person that sits next to the kid at lunch that has no friends. In such a large pool, you are bound to find at least one friend.

I am certainly one of those people that focuses way too much on what other people think. It is a constant struggle convincing myself to be satisfied with what I have to offer and okay with the fact that not everyone is going to be pleased by me all the time. I’m working on my perception of myself.


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