Mixed: In a World of Black and White

And they would love and accept me all the same because I’m no longer an insecure little girl, unsure if my type of music is okay to play proudly. I am who I am, and I choose the people that I surround myself with. Do not ever choose to surround yourself with people who try to turn down your music.

Singing the Social Media Blues

Social media has become such an active part of our society. Unfortunately. Honestly the majority of the problems that my friends come to me with concerning their relationships have a pretty direct link to this very thing. So what is our obsession over Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and Twitter???? We’re bored. The thing I hate the…

My (Nearly) Natural Life

Living a natural lifestyle is composed of many moving parts. I am by no means perfect. I constantly contradict myself without any idea that I’m doing it, but hey at least I try. With that, I tend to find myself in situations where I just don’t make sense and people have to be stop me…

High School Horror Story

You know what I got to thinking about the other day? High school, and all the horrors that came along with it. I think it’s important to write a post regarding this topic because it wasn’t too long ago that I was trapped within those walls and I think it’s good to reflect back now…

“Down-Sizing” My Life

I have begun a new chapter in my life. Within this past summer, so much from my life has drastically changed and I think it’s time I begin a little transformation myself. I recently have been practicing the art of letting go, an art that I have never been quite too good at. What better…

Not Married to the Idea of Marriage

Origin: Marriage actually originated on the other side of the world. It began as a formal agreement, an exchange between men. The father would accept cattle or goods from a young gentleman in exchange for his daughter’s (i.e. his property’s) hand in marriage. Marriage was determined by socioeconomic status, not choice. Women had no say…

All Fat and a Bag of Chips

There is an ingredient being put into snack food that this country is actively giving its children but is banned in numerous other countries across the world.

Travel: From Someone That’s Lost

I feel almost guilty for how unfulfilled it has left me, and not because I don’t appreciate every second of it, but because it makes me crave so much more.

My Goals Towards Body Positivity

My big goal from this point on is practicing BODY POSITIVITY. I want to FULLY ACCEPT and LOVE every ounce of my healthy human body because IT DESERVES TO BE LOVED.